The Real Star of the Breath of the Wild 2 Teaser is Link’s Mullet

Demon arm in the front, party in the back

After watching the newest teaser trailer for the upcoming Breath of the Wild sequel, you may have been tricked into thinking that the coolest new developments that were shown off were Link’s yucky/awesome Ashitaka demon tech arm, the flamethrower shield, or Link phasing through floors way up in the sky. You would be wrong, however.

The true standout of the show was Link’s wildly unkempt hair.

Wildly Unkempt

You may be thinking to yourself, “But Link has always had long hair. What’s the big deal?” and you would be totally right, but it’s never looked like this before. In the original Breath of the Wild, Link almost always wore his hair up in a ponytail, safe from the grasping claws of Bokoblins, or had it tucked up into the various hoods and helmets players could equip. But now it appears that Link has thrown caution to the wind and is going completely feral. The dude’s basically rocking a mullet at this point, which is a suitably radical hairstyle for the legendary hero.

The previously hidden mullet

In addition to looking like he would now wear a pair of wrap around sunglasses, Link’s new look may be hinting at story or gameplay beats players have been curious about since the original Breath of the Wild. For example, many players noticed that the hero depicted in the tapestry in Breath of the Wild didn’t really look like Link as we typically envision him. This new look is a much closer match. Could there be two different versions of Link in the game at the same time, or will Link assume two separate forms when he’s shield surfing in Hyrule or traversing the floating islands above it? Only time will tell!

Ancient mullet hero?

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